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development team VThis article includes a group of individuals who are crazy about Mikko's games. We are a team of garners who work together on a website that is all about the gaming lifestyle. If you are looking to find helpful information about gaming, this website is the place for you If you are looking for gaming friends, you are also in the right place. Our goal is to create a community that allows gamers to get real about their gaming adventures in a space where they are not misunderstood.

Keven Carter -'Wallpaper"

I am the website writer. I believe I am the best at everything I do. Gaming is in my DNA and a huge part of who I am. Being a game designer allows me to explore my imagination and creativity. I am also passionate about other art forms including writing, painting, and tattoos. Art is in me. Every day I evolve as a human being and as an artist because I am open-minded and I seek knowledge about everything and anything. My online name is Wallpaper.

James Stint- "The Wanderer"

I am the website editor. I love art. I love photography and I am fascinated by dolphins. I am wild, crazy and a nomad. My journey has no destination because I have no intention of calling any particular place home. I find beauty in being a wanderer. As long as I am happy, I am content in my being. Through photography, I immortalize my memories of the places I visit. I advise young artists to eat, sleep, travel, and create.

Oswald David- "The Good Bunny"

I am a contributing writer for the website. My story begins with gaming. I found myself in gaming. I believe there is nothing more epic than the thrill of playing a game. The adventures are a great way to live out all your wildest dreams. My passion for gaming led me to become a gaming programmer. I love what I do and I am great at it If I were to live twice, I would still choose to be a gaming programmer. My online name is The Good Bunny.

Erik Jensen- "Chainsaw"

I am a special events reporter for the website. I'm a gamer and I'm proud of it I play every game like it is my last. I believe life is much more fun if you play games. Non-gamers especially my family always say that I will lose my mind to gaming. What they cannot understand is that gamers do not die, we respawn, literary. Besides, I am a gamer because I am crazy, not the other way round. My online name is Chainsaw. Working as a special events reporter for the website is very important to me because I get to interact with people who are like me.

Our website is a portal for knowledge about gaming. It is also an extension of our personalities because each one of us brings something unique to the table. Our combined skills and efforts have contributed highly to the success of the website. We are committed to delivering helpful, easy to understand content that is fun and unlike anything else on the internet. For whatever reason- if we forgot to mention or credit anyone that should be mentioned here- we wish you to contact us without hesitation here.



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