Did you ever play Pakoon?

Life is all about adventure and who doesn't love that? A virtual adventure awaits you in the thrilling online game called: Pakoon, a game that bowled-over internet fans from the very beginning. As the name indicates, Pakoon basically means jump to navigate. It’s the kind of game that brings out the action junkie in everybody, making it adventurous, thrilling and exciting. It gives you a splendid experience of being at the top of a mountain where you feel you could even be the king of the world. From there- you’ll need to ride downhill dodging lots of obstructions which you need to avoid without losing your control. It seems like riders usually get their wings, flying with a passion. After seeing the overall popularity, they even made it available in 3D, so that players can get a more realistic experience.

Pakoon is available in different versions Pakoon 1, Pakoon 2 and Pakoon 3 and all of them cover different areas of adventure that everybody should navigate. These include the downhill racing, acid play and lots more What's better than enjoying on the couch and discovering adventure and fighting for survival? Pakoon is not merely a game but it is an experience which allows you to feel feeling of adventure, thrill and excitement at the same time. The origin of Pakoon first started out as a desktop game. It was launched on Windows in 2002 -some 16 years ago under the iconic title: Pakoon. The next version Pakoon 2 which covered downhill car racing was launched 7 years later in 2009 on the Windows 2003 operating system. It could also be played through Linux. However it started, it is seen as a long journey that went from the desktop game to the online game version. It also brought a renaissance in the field of virtual gaming to the surface likewise. Developed by Mikko Oksalahati, he decided to challenge the opinions of what an action game was all about.

This game was a real boon to the gaming industry at that time however, after the release of the Pakoon series- there was a hike in developing and launching of these kinds of games. This game itself has maintained the king of all the games reputation for a long time and never seems to fade entirely from memory. It also passed through that awkward phase of recession in its’ success and popularity and now this game has been marked as a real piece of gaming history. The game still exist on the internet and can be downloaded just as easy. What led to the demise of Pakoon were the eventual flood of newer and more interesting games in all sorts of different genres and loss of online player interest is really what lead to the downfall of Pakoon.

The makers tried their best to improve and control the direction of where new players were heading but still, sometimes a situation cannot be controlled due the pressure of external factors that were present. Now as mentioned earlier, the older versions can still be played but newer versions of this game will not be released for obvious reasons. Pakoon is like a complete era which treated us to a lot of itself -including the realistic experience of adventure, thrill, survival, fight, control and many more An interesting and revealing history which bought forward a type of renaissance in the world of gaming is just one of the quirky games developed by Mikko Oksalahati. The people who have played Pakoon still want it to be re-invented someday so that they can experience the same thrill again. Perhaps Mikko is working on at already...