Kumoon- A puzzle game that enthralls every gamer

The game about controlling a yellow chick ZGames are always enjoyed by anyone who likes to solve evolving puzzles. Not only kids, but adults are also fanatic about these brain teaser type games. Do you remember how, during your childhood, your parents could always keep you engaged and focused with some kind of puzzle game. And, there’s never a time when Puzzle Games don’t keep your brain active and keep you energized.

What makes it popular?

Gone are the days when outdoor activities and games were always a trend. This is the era where more and more from the younger generation wants to play more indoor games, primarily the kinds of games deriving from technology. Enter the hidden gem known as: Kumoon. This game can still be downloaded from the Steam community. Steam is a place where gamers like me connect, play and share and can meet many new gamers by joining other groups who play the game, chat during live games. Kumoon was modified and introduced again in 2015 with better Visual Support.

What is it about?

The game is all about controlling a yellow baby chick from a third person view. The control for the game play is not that complex and easily understood by the players. Be it moving, shooting or pushing objects; the controls are easy. There are basically 39 levels in the game where you’ll need to progress level by level by turning the entire red block to white blocks by shooting at them. The score must be positive, a the thrill increases through and through. If you fail at some point, you’ll have to start again wherever you last left-off.

Do you get a choice of game equipment?

There are 3 weapons throughout the game; a Shotgun, Grenade Launcher and the dangerous of all: a Revolver. The craziest part is trying to save all your Ammo reserve for all your weapons, though, the first shot in each level is granted free, you’ll find that pushing the blocks is yet another way to turn them red. Sure- they’ll cause you to lose points- you can make up for that by not losing your ammo in return. There is a bonus level that also keeps you entertained strategically. Basically, it not only builds up the score- but often introduces few new skills and techniques of physics, important to future levels. The same technology is being used on DemoSlotMachines, in particular, in the online free slot game - 88 Fortune slot machine. Try it out and enjoy the game with no download required. The game just plays in the browser.

Since this game is streamed on steam and the steam community is thoroughly enjoying the game, it definitely is a unique game which attracts every gamer to play it once, at least. The system requirements are pretty common and should be compatible for any gaming pc. It is, without a single doubt, a well thought-out game keeping your perspective in mind about what gamers of this generation are interested in getting. With the Kumoon game being as dated in technology skills, the technical levels and thrills you can receive from this game is no less than fun than you could expect.