The Wild World of Mikko ‘Mayoneez' Oksalahti

Mikko Oksalahti VThe article takes you deep into the world of a seasoned IT professional Mikko Oksalahti, who apart from being a software designer is also an independent entrepreneur. Apart from exploring him as person, the article also talks about his famous innovations, his passion and also his madness for seeking solutions to existing problems. In short this article welcomes you to the very little explored life of this nerdy genius who doesn't limit his scope. He rather loves to challenge his own self by exploring various facets of life. So come and let's dive into the crazy yet limitless world of Mikko ‘Mayoneez’ Oksalahti.

Mikko Oksalahti or Mayoneez as he is often called, is a Finland based seasoned IT professional with over 20 years of experience in software designing and engineering. Over the years he has worked for some renowned organizations of Helsinki such as Chat Republic Games, Cognitive Maps and Varian Medical Systems. However, this is something that strongly speaks about his professional skills. A father of two lovely daughters, Mikko is something more than being a smart engineer. He is a mash-up of a great many talents, all personified into one individual who could be misidentified as a ‘Jack of all trades, Master of nothing’ type person. We have time and again come across this popular English phrase a number of times. But if there's a true altered manifestation of this phrase, that's got to be Mikko Oksalahti. Apart from being a successful software designer and engineer, Mikko also takes out time for his timeless hobbies, as you may call it. A man of lesser words, Mikko in his free time savors avocation like custom photography, sketching, swimming, model boat building and sailing with his 47-year-old family wooden boat.

Very few people know that Mikko is also a trained Yoga practitioner and has led beginners and intermediate level yoga classes to students at the Ashtanga Yoga, Helsinki in the past. But a thing that he probably enjoys the most is creating freeware software, especially games, when not working or practicing his hobbies. This is something that brings the best out of his nerdy side. Two of the renowned games developed by Mikko under the name of Mayoneez are Pakoon and Kumoon. However, just like him, his creations too display multiple layers. Developed back in 2005, Kumoon is a game where one needs to convert all the red blocks into white blocks by controlling a small yellow chick from a third person view. However, opposed to as simple as it sounds, the game is pretty engrossing as its a puzzle as well as a shooter game amalgamated into one This riveting game makes use of Mope physics engine, another unique creation of Mikko The second game, Pakoon - a trilogy of games, is another marvel from this genius. Built on his custom built physics engine, it is more of a humor tossed version of pizza delivery game. The objective of this game is pretty simple - deliver pizzas to destinations before the pizza gets too cold to eat. But the 3D OpenGL graphics and FMOD sound engine of the game makes it a distinctive free game.

In short, a man with many facets, Mikko ‘Mayoneez' Oksalahti is an immensely talented yet humble personality. We celebrate his innovative works and often very odd hobbies.